Nanny McKritter


Rhonda is the only person me and my husband would allow to watch and care for our doggies, which are like Children to us. She is always available and ready to work with our busy schedules. Very attentive and accommodating, Rhonda is the perfect pet sitter for each any every your needs. We take long trips abroad at least once a year and Rhonda never failed to promptly take care of our dogs. They lover her very much and know they are in good hands. She is our one and only choice.

-Chiara Carlet-May

This is an unsolicited recommendation for Nanny McKritter, the Pet Sitter. It is with great pleasure that I can wholeheartedly recommend her company. I have utilized Nanny McKritter on many occasions. Sometimes she looks after my pups overnight, or on the weekends. Rhonda (Nanny McKritter) has also taken care of them for longer periods of time.

In fact, I am going on holiday soon and I would not trust anyone else to take care of my pets! Molly and Sarah look forward to her visits. She has a certain way of approaching animals that they feel safe with her. Part of the pet sitting routine is to feed and water, pick up when necessary, enjoy playtime and sometimes take them for walks. If accidents happen, Rhonda take care of the problem.

Nanny McKritter can also take care of your plants and home if you request this service. She brings in the post and the newspaper and generally makes sure that my house is kept safe whilst I am away. Rhonda has a certain way with animals, and they respond to her caring and fun loving attitude; furthermore, she is a dependable and completely trustworthy. I have no hesitation in leaving her in charge of the pets and my home. I will be pleased to speak with anyone who wishes to engage Mrs. Storey’s Pet Sitting Services, AKA - Nanny McKritter.

-Mrs. E. B. Gavin-Ketchen

Vacation Services

Vacation services are available whether you are gone for a day or for a month! Nanny McKritter will ensure that your pets are well-fed, exercised, loved while you are gone - plus you will enjoy the added benefit of knowing that your home is being looked after while you are gone! If you are going to be gone more than a day, the Extended Visit is ideal for you! Nanny McKritter will ensure that your house also receives TLC in your absence!

Standard Visit

A standard visit is 30 minutes long and includes the following:


Prices for up to 2 Pets:

$5 extra per pet

Extended Visit

An extended visit is recommended for vacations. It is 60 minutes long and includes the following:


Prices for up to 2 Pets:

$5 extra per pet


The ultimate in pet-pampering! These visits extend from 10pm to 6pm, and are only available for non-smoking households. They include all services offered with the extended visit, plus the additional benefit of occupancy.


Price for Overnight: $60


Regular Services

If you want to augment your pet's TLC with some additional dog walking or dog running services, Nanny McKritter is here to help! Schedule a visit and let your dog get some exercise! Be sure to ask about our frequency discounts and military discounts!

Dog Walking

This includes a 30-minute walk for one to three dogs. Dogs must be on leash provided by owner.


Per Walking Session*:

Dog Jogging

This includes a 30-minute jog for one to three dogs. Dogs must be on leash provided by owner.


Per Jogging Session*:

Yard Cleaning

Initial cleaning = $15 per half hour, $10 each additional half-hour

Weekly Clean-Up

Party Pooper Special!

Planning for an party? Nanny McKritter will clean up deodorize your yard so that your party-goers will say "Oooo!" instead of "Pee-yew"!


*Yard cleaning services assume half an acre or less. Larger yards may have higher fees.



Additional fees may apply for travel outside of the service area. For walking/jogging services, pricing may vary based upon the size and temperament of pets. Price will be determined during the initial consultation.

Ask about our 10% Military Discount!