Nanny McKritter

Nanny McKritter

She loves all pets whether common or rare...
She gives them belly rubs, ear scratches, and care...
Being with animals makes her heart flitter
So she has become Nanny McKritter!


About Nanny McKritter

AKA: Rhonda Storey

My love for animals began with my first cat Purry when I was 2yrs old. My Dad was in the Army, and I got my second cat Scratchy when were station in Vecenzia, Italy. In Italy we had an several cats, birds and even fish. Later when we moved stateside to Fort Ord, CA. we got a cat named Princess and even had ducks and a rabbit. When I was13 years old we got our first dog, a Dachshund named JoJo. When JoJo was hit by a car we got two more Dachshunds, Hearshy & Lady.

I married an Air Force man in 1989 and while stationed at Davis Mothan in AZ, I got my first pet as an "adult". She was a boxer mix named Emmy. We moved to Abilene in 1996 without Emmy and for the first time we were without a pet in the home. It wasn't until Christmas of 2000 we got ourselves a Schnauzer; we named her Abie. Those 4 years without a pet was the first time my home seemed so incomplete. I don't think Abie is spoiled rotten; however, my husband says Abie will die of a heart attack the day she realizes she is really a dog and not a person. Perhaps she is a little spoiled, but that didn't stop her from taking 2nd place in our dog training class!

For more than a decade, I've volunteered with the Taylor Jones Humane Society. I've worked in the office answering phone calls, writing out purchase orders, and helped with fundraisers. In addition, my duties afforded me the opportunity to play and love on the animals, and even foster the animals that were either too young or too sick, until they were ready for adoption. In addition to my work with Taylor Jones Humane Society, I've also been very active on the state board of the Parent Teachers Association and part of The Dyess We Care Team.

Over the years I've had many jobs, most focusing on care of some type. When our son was growing up, I was a Licensed In-Home Day Care Provider. Later, I worked with Home Instead Senior Care as a a Caregiver. As much as I have enjoyed these jobs I needed something that would give me the flexible hours I need to follow some of my dreams and passions. I train for and complet triathlons, and I'm currently training for a half marathon. So, I decided that combining my love for animals and my "caregiver spirit" with my need for flexible hours, I would become Nanny McKritter, The Pet Sitter.

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