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Pet Sitter

Trusted, reliable pet sitting services for the Abilene, Texas area. Whether for vacation or as part of your weekly routine, Nanny McKritter is there to care!

Why a Pet Sitter?

A Pet Sitter is someone who will come into your home to look after your pets while you are away from home, or even while you are home sick or recovering from an illness or surgery. They can stop by to potty, walk, or play with your pets when you can't do it yourself. This insures the pet will not have any accidents in the home and will still get some exercise during the times you are unable to do it yourself, whether due to vacationing OR while away at work.

When you are on vacation a Pet Sitter can also water plants, collect mail, turn lights on and off and open close blinds. They can also make sure your home is safe and secure while you are away. For example, one client I had happen to have a to leak in her toilet while she was away. When I checked on the dogs, I was able to turn off the water to the toilet and mop up the mess. If I had not been coming into her home, it would've been 2 more days before she would have discovered the leak on her own.

A Pet Sitter is also a good choice for older pets that may suffer undue distress when their environment changes such as being placed in a kennel with unfamiliar sounds and smells. Kennels and boarding facilities do require vaccinations, but not all illnesses and parasites currently have vaccinations. Your pet can still come in contact with ringworm, flees, and ticks to name a few when exposed to other animals or improper handling by kennel personnel.

A Pet Sitter will be able to come into your home and give individual attention to your pets as apposed to a kennel worker who may let them outside by themselves for a few minutes a day and clean their cage before moving on to the next cage. A sitter will be able to spend more quality petting, playing, grooming, and walking your pet in their own surroundings.

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